It All Happened In A Day...

As I sit here writing this it all seems so surreal that it has finally happened. WE OPENED THE MINISTRY!! To be honest, I really didn’t have to wait that long. Now to come to the point to have the idea that’s another thing, lol. Several years ago my family volunteered to pack meals at Fellowship Church in Greenwood and boy did I get the “bug”. What of course was really happening was the Holy Spirit was waking me up and showing the plan that was meant for me. The feeling that came over me that day began to haunt me in a good way. I needed more in my life, selfless giving. I needed to show my children that God wants us to serve Him by serving others no matter what their situation is financially or their race or religion. There is so many others in situations thinking they have no way out or no one will ever help them. They even think they deserve to be in this situation because of their sins. GREAT NEWS! Our sins have been washed clean! Everyone needs to know this and the need to KNOW HIM. In our ministry we hope to show others they are worthy of God’s love and ours. We have started out with 3 food boxes that will be in different areas in Greenwood. Then we also have a unit currently being filled up with clothing for all ages and sizes. We want to accept bedding, gently used toys, and baby items also. The last part of our ministry we know we will slowly build is a service database which will be others who have already come forward to volunteer in a certain service they can provide for others in need. We hope to have many lawn care, mechanics, handymen, shoppers, cleaners, builders, etc just waiting for our call to serve someone in the community. In the meantime WE LOVE DONATIONS! We are currently needing gas cards, non-perishables, hygiene products, and diapers of all sizes. Let us know if you want to get involved with the ministry in serving others, donations or praying for our clients! God bless and remember to always have your hand out to reach someone who may need it.

Pantry Box Locations

(816) 785-2397